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Desktop/Laptop Setup

We will help install necessary programs and remove clutter from new computers.

A lot of times a new computer you buy online or from a store has a lot of “junk” that comes on it. We offer this service to help make sure the new computer you get is running at it’s best and is a complete fresh start. Most companies charge a lot to help walk you through set up and teach you the basics of the computer. We will provide the best customer service to help educate you and set up your new computer! This is also best paired with our custom build service.

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Custom Build

Let us help you build the PC of your dreams, we will help you decide and install hardware.

We will help price and build a customer computer that fits your exact needs. Whether it be day to day, business, or gaming we will find the right parts to help build the best computer for you.

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Data Retrieval

Your data may not be lost!

A dead computer or hard drive does not mean that everything on it is gone, we can help diagnose issues and retrieve lost files and photos for you.

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Hardware Cleaning

From outside to in, we will clean the entire device.

Dirty components can be a major issue for computers not running properly. We will clean the computer inside and out to make sure that it is running at max performance. We suggest pairing this with our TuneUP! service.

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Virus Removal/TuneUP!

Slow and old computers are not a lost cause, we will make them like new!

We take pride in our service to make old and slow computers like new again. Sometimes you may think a computer is a lost cause because it is so worn down or the screen is non-accessible from a virus. We will access the issue and correct it to make sure you can use your computer again!

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Phone Issues

We can diagnose and fix most software related questions about phones, we do not offer screen repairs at this time.

Anything software related with mobile devices we can help. We also offer jailbreak and root services where available.

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Web Design

It’s time your business took on a professional look, we will help build you a magnificent website.

Stop thinking whether or not you should make a website, and have us build the best possible one for your business. Please reach out to use for more information.

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$250 + $75/year ($325 first year)


Please do not hesitate to contact us.